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Introducing the Healthcare Employee Relations Awards of British Columbia (HEABCs)

Presented by the Health Employers Association of BC, the HEABCs recognize human resource and labour relations professionals who work with employers and health care professionals to create workplaces that support the delivery of high-quality health care. Originally launched in 2007 as the BC Health Care Awards, the program is being re-launched in 2024 with a focus consistent with HEABC’s core mandate.

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The Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) represents a diverse group of over 200 publicly funded health care employers. Our members range in size from smaller affiliate organizations with specialized services to large, comprehensive health authorities with thousands of employees.

HEABC is the accredited bargaining agent for most publicly funded health employers in the province, negotiating six major provincial agreements covering more than 179,000 unionized health care employees. In addition, HEABC’s Physician Services team oversees and coordinates the negotiation of provincial and local physician contracts, including the Physician Master Agreement.

HEABC takes a provincial leadership role in strategic planning related to human resources and labour relations for BC’s publicly funded health employers. Through collective bargaining and other industry initiatives, HEABC builds constructive and collaborative relationships with members, government, employees and unions, while continuing to adapt to the evolving needs of its members.

HEABC is a key provider of support, and in some cases leadership, for elements of the province’s Health Human Resources Strategy, including partnering with the province, health employers and other stakeholders on marketing and recruitment campaigns for health professionals and expedited pathways to residency for foreign-trained professionals.

HEABC provides leadership and professional expertise in:
  • Bargaining
  • General Labour Relations Services
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Education and Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Job Classification
  • Executive Compensation
  • Specialized Recruitment