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The Health Sector Compensation Information System (HSCIS) is a reporting system for all health employers in British Columbia who are HEABC members or receive funding from the Ministry of Health. The purpose of the system is to gather data on all workers in the health system, including wage rates, paid hours, and benefits information.

As an employer in the health sector and a member of HEABC, your information is important to us and it is critical that you continue reporting regularly and accurately. The information contained in HSCIS helps us develop collective bargaining strategies, calculate funding adjustments required due to collective agreement settlements, levelling and pay equity adjustments, as well as develop industry wide statistics.

Methods of Reporting

There are two methods of reporting:

  1. The Payroll Extract method allows employers who have an automated payroll system to run an application and produce a file. Employers can then submit the file via the HNFile site to HSCIS on a quarterly basis, for processing.
  2. The Web Data Entry method is for those users who are unable to submit using the Payroll Extract method. The Web Data Entry involves logging onto a secure website and entering their HSCIS information manually.

If your questions aren’t answered by browsing through this website, using the HSCIS User Guides and Frequently Asked Questions, please send your questions to the Ministry of Health HSCIS Support e-mail address at HLTH.HSCISsupport@gov.bc.ca with your Corporate Employer Number and Legal Name in the subject line (i.e. Corp #1234  Smith Ltd.) and details in the body of the message.

Please e-mail the Ministry of Health Help Desk at HLTH.Helpdesk@gov.bc.ca with your User Id for:

  • Password Reset 
  • Digital Certificate (copy or update) 
  • Technical connectivity assistance 

Note: The HelpDesk does not have access to or advice pertaining to the HSCIS application.

HEABC Members can search for their HSCIS Corporate and Site Employer Numbers in the listing here.

We will do our best to answer your questions and help you solve any problems you may encounter when you are completing your HSCIS submission.