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Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

At a glance

• 8,300 employees
• 5,004 full-time equivalents (FTEs)
• 41.2 years = average age
• $76,400 per year = average compensation including benefits of a full-time LPN

There are 8,300 Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in BC who care for clients in a variety of publicly-funded health care settings. The combined total straight-time (not including overtime) hours of work is equivalent to 5,004 full-time employees. Most LPNs work in acute care settings (65.1 per cent) and in long-term care facilities (24.7 per cent).

In 2013, the Government of BC passed legislation – the Health Authorities Amendment Act – transferring all LPNs from the Facilities and Community bargaining associations into the Nurses’ Bargaining Association. The majority of LPNs used to be covered by the Facilities Subsector collective agreement.

FTE and employee trend (2009-2014)

The average age of a LPN is 41.2 years, roughly the same as in 2010 (40.7 years). Approximately 18.2 per cent of LPNs are now 55 years or older, which is an increase from 2010 when 16.1 per cent of LPNs were over the age of 55.

Employees by Age Group (2010 vs. 2014)


Wages and benefits
The average annual compensation for one full-time LPN is $76,400 or $39.20 per hour, including wages and benefits. Since 2006, LPN wages have increased by 27.1 per cent while the rate of inflation (BC Consumer Price Index) during this period was 11.9 per cent.

Wage Settlements vs. Inflation (BC CPI 2006-2014)

Compensation breakdown for a full-time LPN (2014)

Overtime and sick leave
Over the past seven years, LPNs have worked an average of one to two hours of overtime per week. Since 2008, overtime hours per FTE decreased by 36 minutes per week. Paid sick leave for LPNs has remained constant over the past seven years.



Compensation figures are based on 2014 data and have been adjusted to account for 2014/2015 labour cost adjustments.

Last Updated: 08-10-2015