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Online Misconduct: What Managers Need to Know

Webinar Description

This webinar provides health care managers with an awareness of the factors to consider, the policies to have in place, and the actions an employer can take when an employee posts something inappropriate on a social media account.

Webinar Goals

After completing this web session, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Identify examples of inappropriate social media content and explain it is inappropriate
  • Explain five factors to consider when making a decision about what to do when dealing with online misconduct
  • Explain what evidence should be gathered when investigating an allegation of online misconduct
  • Use a case example to discuss and determine appropriate disciplinary measures for online misconduct
  • Discuss recent legal cases dealing with online misconduct and lessons learned from them

This course is offered as a 2 hour webinar.

Course Outline

Online Misconduct: What Managers Need to Know Webinar