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Background Information

Phase 1:

Phase 1 introduced the concept of a standardized format file which could be extracted directly from existing payroll systems at employer sites. Working with the vendors of major payroll systems (ADP, Avanti Software, Blaeberry Solutions, Comvida, Eclipsys, GoldCare, ISM, Meditech, NOW Solutions, Ormed, Payworks, Quadrant HR), applications and or reports were developed which, after installed, could be run to directly produce the HSCIS file required by the Ministry. A file-transfer system was established called HNFTP, which allowed the employer to then securely transfer the file to the Ministry of Health. At the same time, we changed the reporting frequency to quarterly for all data. These changes have been extremely successful, with over 95% of the employers targeted in Phase 1 now supplying data on a regular basis.

Since then, we have introduced a new, simpler way to transmit the HSCIS extract file, using the latest in internet security. The new method is called HNFile. It includes the latest in encryption and authentication technologies, while providing the ease of Internet file uploading.

Phase 2:

The main focuses of Phase 2 are to:

  1. Replace the outdated HSCIS Data Collection Instrument (DCI) and associated file format
  2. Simplify the collection of HSCIS data through expansion of the use of internet technology
  3. Make use of this expanded internet technology to gather additional HSCIS-related data

We have discontinued use of the DCI tool and associated paper forms, and now have two options for submission:

Payroll Extract
For those that have an automated payroll system which has a HSCIS extract defined, such as ADP (some versions), Blaeberry Solutions, Comvida, Eclipsys, Goldcare, ISM, Meditech, NOW Solutions, Ormed, or Quadrant HR.
Web Data Entry
If you do not have an automated payroll system, but can access the Internet, a new, secure web site is available to allow you to directly enter HSCIS information in a short-form, summary format.

Note: In the short term, we will be allowing all agencies that do not have the ability to submit HSCIS via payroll extract, to submit via the web data entry method. In the future, the Ministry and HEABC will require agencies reporting more than 30 FTEs (full time equivalents) to move to a payroll extract submission.

The new data entry web site also supports entry of funding source information (required for all HSCIS employers, except Health Authorities).

If you happen to fit into the 'Payroll Extract' category identified above, having one of the supported vendors’ payroll systems and access to the internet, please do the following:

  1. Contact your payroll system vendor to get a copy of the HSCIS extract file program. (For those using Meditech, the file can be produced using Meditech’s Report Writer. A copy of the HSCIS extract file format is available from the HEABC web site).
  2. Complete the registration for a Ministry of Health Access user-id and password. Ministry personnel will provide information on installation and set up of the user-id to access the HNFile site.