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Secondment Opportunities

As the only bargaining organization in Canada that represents the entire spectrum of health care employers, HEABC plays a critical, strategic role in the interdependent relationship between employers, unions and government, and strives to enhance the working relationship between these groups. As the health care landscape continues to evolve, it takes a long-term strategic view to anticipate and plan for the future. HEABC is in the forefront of health care labour relations in BC.

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Purpose of secondments:

HEABC’s secondment program promotes and facilitates the exchange of employees through temporary assignments between HEABC and member organizations. Secondments will:

  • Provide a mechanism for HEABC and its members to work together to meet short-term human resources needs when those needs cannot be effectively met through the regular recruitment process.
  • Support the development of employees’ knowledge, skills, abilities and experience.
  • Improve knowledge sharing between HEABC, member organizations and other stakeholders for the purpose of enhancing services and strengthening HEABC’s relationships and partnerships.
  • Increase access to specialized knowledge, diverse skills, expertise and best practices for HEABC and its members.

Secondment opportunities may exist in the areas of:

  • Bargaining
  • General labour relations services
  • Human resources planning
  • Member education & training
  • Occupational health & safety
  • Job classification
  • Executive compensation
  • Specialized recruitment
  • Absence management
  • Benefits administration
Other information:
  • Placements will be temporary or on a project basis
  • The duration of secondment terms will vary up to a maximum of two-years (exceptions may be made)
  • Secondees will typically remain on the pay and benefits system of their primary employer, not the organization with which they are completing their secondment

To inquire about current secondment opportunities, please contact Secondments@heabc.bc.ca.