Cyber-attack on three provincial health services managed by HEABC

MichaelColourOn July 13, 2023, HEABC learned that information housed on a server that was the victim of a cyber-attack had been taken from its systems, and subsequently identified that the information taken may have included personal information.

The server hosted websites and application forms for Health Match BC (HMBC), the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry and the Locums for Rural BC program.

HEABC shut down the affected server and websites and has implemented additional security measures to ensure that the services affected are safely reinstated as quickly as possible.

HEABC has notified the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and has reported the incident to law enforcement. We are notifying individuals potentially affected in compliance with OIPC requirements and are working with EquiFax Canada to provide credit monitoring services, as appropriate.

HEABC works hard to protect the privacy of everyone who accesses our online services, and it is important to let people know their personal information may have been taken through a cyber-attack. We recognize this event may create questions and concern for individuals. I sincerely regret that this event happened and reassure everyone that we are working with cybersecurity and privacy experts to address the incident, safeguard against any future vulnerabilities, and notify and support individuals whose personal information may have been involved.

As we manage through this issue, we are focused on the best interests of the individuals who have used the affected web-based services and whose personal information may have been taken. You entrust us with important information, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Individuals who have received a notice from HEABC in relation to this incident can find more information related to the affected programs at:

Michael McMillan, President & CEO, HEABC

Resources for further information


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